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Rhun Online is an online fantasy MMORPG set in a world where orcs and humans are bitter enemies.

Join the war on the human side, and fight your way to the orc homeland. Fight mobs, bosses, other players, and the horde.

Complete quests, craft items, fight through dungeons, and loads more.


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I purchased the 2.99 pack and didn't get it the first time. I wanted to contact the developer (support) but there's not contact for that. So here I am writing. I purchased the pack a second time after the website was updated saying to "log out of your account before purchase" it worked the second time but I would still like my coins for the first purchase (and maybe a side bonus xd) but anyway.. I made purchases to support the game and the develop not so much for the coins as there's really not much you can do with them. I think chests you can open for cool rewards would be nice or maybe xp boosts or xp bottles. I also think you should have gear for ranger and more crafting. I only see gear for warrior so far and I'm a level 4 ranger. My name in game is (1) you probably see me in logs haha.. Thanks. I hope to hear back soon and also if you could setup a Discord or need help setting one up, I can help you out. I think it would really boost the community side of things :)

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Thank you for contacting me. I will add your coins manually. I realized there was a glitch with the purchase this morning which is hopefully fixed now.

I will be setting up a friendxone group for support, or a forum, and an email contact as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Thanks :) Will you be adding ranger gear and other things to the shop? I really would like to play and support the game but there's not too much content for the game yet :)

Absolutely. For now you can wear some warrior gear. I am hoping to have the next update out around June 1st.

Alright thanks :) Are there any other way to contact you maybe via Email or Discord? I wouldn't mind suggesting some quality of life fixes and bug fixes as well. 

Hey Fae. Are you able to unlock the comments for your other game Survival2? I'm a survival genre content creator and was hoping to reach out to you. Is Survival2 still being supported?

I am probably the first player of this game. I hope not the last, though. This doesn't have very unique systems or much to attract players aside from the MMO title being attached to it, so far. Right click and dragging doesn't match with your mouse movement speed, there is no tutorial or context for your character existing, character customization is.. not a thing, and the mines feel off. Like everything is there just to be killed. In general, places feel like assets rather than a world, and "Strong Hit" having a large amount of start up makes it only lightly stronger than spamming regular hits. I mean LIGHTLY. If strong hit had the same start up (or a little longer start up) as a regular hit then it'd be viable. I hope that this game becomes a lot more.